Why Me?

Because I'm a Business Person As Well

I'm both an attorney and MBA and I can relate to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses as big as their dreams. Let me help you navigate the world in your early days and help you grow into the company you want to be.

Because I'll Add Value In Ways that Others Won't

It's a cliche, but time really is money, especially when your lawyer is billing you by the minute. Having the experience of being GC of global cosmetics brands I'm aware of how cost inefficient it typically is to hire experienced, top-caliber external counsel for ongoing commercial needs, as the lawyers who know what they're doing are usually unaffordable, while the people whose billing rates make sense typically don't know what they're doing. More than that though, I'm committed to making a price that works for your company so as to make sure that the work I do for you adds value to your ultimate bottom line. Whatever the creative billing solution, be it fixed rates, or be it hourly rates a fraction of those charged by tier one large firm attorneys who might have my skill set, I'm always open to working with my clients to discover ways to offer my valuable expertise and counsel at prices that make sense.

Because I Know Your Industry

PMy expertise counselling clients within the cosmetics industry, in particular the professional hair care segment, has provided me with the background to quickly find solutions to your legal problems, be it in the context of negotiations with retailers, distributors or suppliers, branding campaigns, product labeling requirements and regulatory issues (in particular FDA, FTC, Health Canada and the Canadian Competition Bureau), IP issues relating to brand building and protection and trademark litigation.

Moreover, being an industry insider and having now represented several brands with varying levels of negotiating leverage, I know how things operate and will help guide you most efficiently through the process of negotiating the commercial agreements most common in the cosmetics industry. 


Anthony Wilson
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